McMaGiC's KiNd of MaGiC...!!!

So this is my favourite type magic to come and perform and the options a little wider.


Suitable for all kinds of events, I've done Christmas Fayres, 60th birthday parties, teenager's birthday parties, house parties, garden parties. This type of set up is ideally for any age past 7 or 8 really...


For 1 or 2 hours, I'll have my own table set up somehwere at your event where I'll

 stand and perform magic that is more tailored for older kids and adults.

It involves a huge variety of magic and close up tricks that are entertaining and baffling.

I've got classics and modern tricks such as miniture light sabres, sponge balls, chinese coins, cups and balls, card tricks galore, vanishing hankies and loads more. I might even chop someones arm off? Or set fire to some money? Who knows!!!???


It's really great fun, feels really informal and we can make sure everybodys comes to the table by inviting them in groups or letting people pass at their own leisure.

Of course, if you were still after a 'party package' for slightly older kids (8-16) then we could add the disco set up as mentioned on the 'KIDS DISCO' page. It's just the magic will be more suitable...




£75 - 1 hour (Magic Only)

£120 - 2 hour (Magic Only)

£150 - KiDult +DISCO (Daytime)

£175 - KiDult + DISCO (Evening)

Got questions?...


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