So Nottingham County Council have proposed moving our residents parking area further away from our house and replacing it with a Taxi Rank.

There are lots of reasons why we think this is ludicrous idea, which you can read below. (Proposal on the left.)

We've set on online e-petition up at which we'd appreciate any signatures for, in particular from local residents/businesses. Our objections below are a lengthy read but have been agreed with by MP Tom Randall, Gedling Councillors John Clarke and Michael Payne.

Thanks for your support guys

Steve, Rona, Luke & Poppy xxx

OBJECTIONS & OPINIONS regarding CHURCH DRIVE EAST, ARNOLD (Prohibition of Waiting, Taxi Clearway amendment to Residents' Controlled Zone) - Traffic Regulation Order 2021 (7239)



Firstly, thank you for your communication regarding the above proposal dated 5th March 2021. Without doubt it has immediately raised many and varied concerns from ourselves which we aim to go through in the following pages.


We purchased the property in 2010 so you can rest assured you are communicating with landowners as opposed to tenants in this respect.


We'd also be very grateful if you could spell out the stages/process of this entire proposal going forward - i.e. decision dates, how the decisions are made, the possibility of attending any meetings relating to the matter, rights to appeal, etc. I'm aware this may already be in the public domain but we'd very much appreciate it either being drawn out or at the very least, being pointed in the right direction in order to find the relevant information.


As we are open to constructive, reciprocal dialogue and the consideration of possible alternatives. Please feel free to e-mail or call me at any time to discuss any or elements of the following information.


The proposal and a copy our objections have been placed Tom Randall MP (Gedling) and our local councillor Cllr Peter Barnes in order to facilitate and support us during this process.


Kind regards


Steven & Rona McGill







OBJECTIONS & OPINONS regarding CHURCH DRIVE EAST, ARNOLD (Prohibition of Waiting, Taxi Clearway amendment to Residents' Controlled Zone) - Traffic regulation Order 2021 (7239)





The most pressing issue here is regarding our 7 year old daughter Poppy McGill who has recently fought a cancerous Brain Tumour and continues to receive treatment.


  • Poppy is registered disabled and as such holds a Blue Badge.

  • Our over sized car is essential for hospital visits, wheelchair/buggy usage and as such is unable to fit into the garage.

  • We have never been able to use the Blue Badge in the Controlled Zone, hence we were happy to apply for Resident's Permit.

  • Our Visitors Permit has also allowed home care visits from Nurses in the Community, Social Workers and the like.

  • Whilst Poppy is rehabilitating, remains partially deaf and has ataxia/balance issues, it has been imperative that access to our vehicle has/is as close to our back gate/communal garden access as possible. Poppy is unable to walk long distances without suffering major fatigue so the increased distance both to and from our car over the course of a week will have major implications for her well being at school.

  • As a result of Poppy's treatment, she is susceptible to a variety of secondary cancers and as such we would be highly concerned that the increase in traffic, idling vehicles throughout the proposed hours would dramatically increase the amount of air pollution less than 3 yards away from our back garden, communal area and safe play space, which could lead to triggering the aforementioned issues as well as asthma and many other potential health issues.

  • Our garden should remain a safe space for both our own children and the any of the neighbours ( volume of strangers, be them public or professional,hanging around directly outside the communal gate, directly into our garden makes us feel extremely uneasy.


If you require any further information regarding Poppy's condition then either contact us directly or you can write to her consultant:


Professor Richard Grundy

Paediatric Oncology E-Floor

Nottingham Children's Hospital - QMC

Derby Road






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OBJECTIONS & OPINONS regarding CHURCH DRIVE EAST, ARNOLD (Prohibition of Waiting, Taxi Clearway amendment to Residents' Controlled Zone) - Traffic regulation Order 2021 (7239)





Now putting the issues with Poppy aside we'd like to focus on how moving our resident zone would affect my professional work.


  • I am a professional musician and I am required to load and unload my vehicle with musical equipment on at least 5 days out of 7. Each load up and load out requires three to four journeys to the vehicle from the garage. I'd clearly be required to walk past the taxi rank with my equipment on each occasion.

  • A double yellow line across the entrance to the garage would not allow enough space to park to load and would require a completely unnecessary journey and reverse park manoeuvre - all increasing the risk of a collision with stationary vehicles and/or pedestrians.

  • Performing a reverse/forward manoeuvre into/out from the garage between two parked cars and increased presence of pedestrians, would, in any circumstance, be highly dangerous and fraught with risk.

  • Please note, in particular via the Ordnance Survey Map, that our property isn't in the position to create a driveway on the front of the house like others due the curvature of the wall adjoining the pavement and the placement of large CCTV camera.




  • The junction between Nottingham Road and Church Drive East is already a very busy junction. We have witnessed 3 accidents in the last couple of years, particularly where cars impatient to wait to turn right onto Church Drive East whilst queuing for the crossing, breach the opposite side of the Nottingham Road to turn early.

  • Although I don't have the details to hand a young boy was knocked down at this junction last year as a result of this type of driving.

  • Any increase of cars that are constantly departing and approaching the Taxi Bay would massively increase the chances of further accidents in and around this busy and dangerous junction.

  • Church Drive East is a route used by The Bear Care Day Nursery for walking their children to Arnold Park, so again the increased traffic and footfall poses increased risks.

  • There are currently 10 adults and 11 children who all use the rear exit and your proposal leaves taxis parking, moving off and potentially u-turning directly outside the communal gate/entrance.





OBJECTIONS & OPINONS regarding CHURCH DRIVE EAST, ARNOLD (Prohibition of Waiting, Taxi Clearway amendment to Residents' Controlled Zone) - Traffic regulation Order 2021 (7239)





On a business level I can understand why a Taxi Rank here would be of interest. As it appears it is primarily concerned with usage by Sainsbury's Customers, there are few points we'd like to raise in this respect.


  • This Taxi Rank is unnecessary because Sainsburys has a very large car park complete with a 3 or 4 bay pick up and drop off point for taxis. We're confident that if they required additional capacity for further taxis they'd have adequate space to accommodate this in their massive existing car park.

  • To the best of our knowledge, Sainsburys operate a yearly rolling contract, tendered to local taxi firms which allows customers to use a direct to operator telephone with collection from the car park.

  • Customers intending to use the proposed Taxi Rank would be required to cross the road at or near the aforementioned busy junction between Church Drive East and Nottingham Road. Particularly for elderly customers this would be a dangerous and completely unnecessary undertaking based on the facilities already available to them.

  • Crossing this junction with a trolley is an absolutely outrageous prospect which instantly puts Sainsburys customers in immediate and again, unnecessary danger.

  • As Sainsburys do not operate a coin operated trolley system, there would be absolutely no incentive for users to return their trolley to the store. This could potentially mean abandoned trolleys on Church Drive East (north side) for which there would be no obligation for Sainsburys to collection.

  • These trolleys would not only be an eye sore but also an extreme hazard to pedestrians using Church Drive East. Furthermore, since the road is sloped down towards Nottingham Road, the potential for trolleys to roll down the pavement and potentially onto the road into oncoming traffic is an absolutely terrifying prospect.

  • Even with all good intentions, the above scenario is a very likely outcome as result of this taxi rank being positioned where it is, particularly as there would be no continual policing of the area.

  • We're confident that Sainsburys would agree with us on all the matters outlined above and would question whether any consultation with them as taken place.




OBJECTIONS & OPINONS regarding CHURCH DRIVE EAST, ARNOLD (Prohibition of Waiting, Taxi Clearway amendment to Residents' Controlled Zone) - Traffic regulation Order 2021 (7239)





Despite the permitted hours of the Taxi Rank proposed being 8am - 10pm in alignment with Sainsbury's operating hours, we feel that there will be further, unintended consequences as a result of its implementation that will impact residents well being.


  • It will be located between two prominent drinking establishments and various fast food outlets. Due to there being no policing, again despite good intentions, it seems likely that cabs will continue to use the bay beyond the 10pm limit in order to facilitate customers who have been enjoying a night out.

  • Both establishments have ample car park which really negate the purpose of needing a specific bay for this purpose.

  • As street noise and late night pedestrian traffic is already an issue when venues are open, the potential congregation of people directly outside the house and in particular the children's bedrooms (side and back of house) is of deep concern.

  • It doesn't take much imagination to consider a reveller leaving The Greyhound, enjoy their chips en route to the taxi rank where the potential for littering and other anti social behaviour in and around our property to be increased.

  • Along with potential anti social behaviour - as the rear entrance to all the properties is communal, the thought of any reveller waiting for a taxi entering our pathway to urinate, litter or deface our property is utterly frightening.

  • We are confronted with this mildly as things stand and the the addition of a taxi rank will only serve to increase this type of behaviour.

  • Again, good intentions aside, it is likely as the rank becomes more well known, taxis will accumulate and therefore queue into the proposed residents zone. This would make my return from work and parking both difficult and confrontational if taxis are blocking the resident zone. With no policing this would be another unacceptable consequence.

  • I'm certain other residents would feel very strongly about the potential of this occuring.

  • On a further security note, despite taxi drivers working in a professional capacity, they will have exclusive knowledge as to when we are in or out of our property which again, leaves us feeling very uneasy.

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OBJECTIONS & OPINONS regarding CHURCH DRIVE EAST, ARNOLD (Prohibition of Waiting, Taxi Clearway amendment to Residents' Controlled Zone) - Traffic Regulation Order 2021 (7239)





  • Nearly all of the adjoining properties, including ourselves use Church Drive East (north side) for placement of bins for collection on bin days. This could prove to be an obstruction for collection and would require people to take their bins further up the road to a more convenient location.

  • The change in resident zone would block access to the beer delivery point of the Arnold Victory Club (end of our garden).

  • Current Covid Restrictions would make any social distancing very difficult around the outside of the communal entrance on Church Drive East plus the extremely close proximity of our garden. As people congregate to use the facility the risk of close contact and infection increases. Although we all hope restrictions are lifted, nobody is in a position to say with certainty that they won't feature again in our lives in the future.

  • Our understanding is that Sainsburys are not proposing to open the store entrance on the corner of Church Drive East and Nottingham Road therefore there will be no easy access to toilet facilities for any of the taxi drivers.

  • We cannot think where there is another taxi rank in the local area that exists so close to close a group of residential properties. We wonder if that is with good reason.

  • We'd be mildly concerned as to whether this may impact the value or desirability of our property.





So as you can see, we feel this proposal is highly unnecessary on a whole number of grounds concerning both the safety and well being of residents and the general public. We suspect our neighbours and relevant business nearby (namely Sainsburys and The Arnold Victory Club) may have their own concerns and we hope they write to you you in due course.


Please do not hesitate to contact me via the details on the covering letter.

Thanks for taking to the time to read all of this and I hope it helps you in making a sensible, informed, environmentally friendly and above all safe, decision.